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Public Seminars

Lunch & Learn
Professional Smalltalk


Lunch & Learn
To be a host - "Businesslike"


Confidence - "Personal Branding"
A winning and confident appearance can be learned. One of the major keys to a successful career today is behaving with confidence.  How do you start a conversation? What topics should you avoid under any circumstances? What topics will engage others in productive conversations? How does your body language and appearance express your personality?

You will be introduced to different situations encountered during business events and learn how to be comfortable and connect with others. A confident image makes meeting others enjoyable and opens doors to success.


Wardrobe Communication - Color and Style for Men and Women
With your own personal color and style, you will be secure in all fashion trends and will achieve harmony between your inner feelings and outwards appearance. You your positive self-display will make you more successful, as well as adding an intense charisma to your personality.

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Social Skills for Young Adults
Start your professional and social career successfully! In this fascinating crash course, you will learn to increase your social competence, and how to behave skillfully professionally, socially and during dating. Be comfortable and confident in any setting

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E-Learning Kurs for young adults

Seminar for young adults

Behavioural Course for Young Adults:  

Young adults will learn in depth about the importance of contemporary manners and thereby increase their social skills in an enjoyable way.

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Behavioural Course for Children  

In an enjoyable and fun way experience how useful good manners can be. Together we will mix some fruit drinks, set the dining table and enjoy a three-course meal, as well as discuss our manners and dining skills.

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E-learning Course for Children and Young Adults: (free of charge)


Courses for Young Adults and Children