Lucia Bleuler

Your image consultant and expert
for "Savoir-Vivre"

My Vocation
s Managing Director for the Customer and Management Restaurant of a major bank, my employer at the time assigned me the task of instructing the executive staff members in "savoir vivre" and the correct behaviour with customers at business dinners. This made me realize that people needed more awareness in this area, in order to be more confident and knowledgeable, both professionally and socially. Here I found my vocation.

Meanwhile customized consulting, and the training of teams, executive staff members and private people in the areas of communication and personal presentation have become my passion.

My books, which are in German, address the current trend of knowing how to behave in appropriate and courteous ways, both socially and professionally. In Knigge für Leute von heute (how to communicate more successfully with each other), Messer, Gabel, EnterhakenI (a "behavioral novel" for children), and Kids bei Tisch (proper behavior for children), readers learn many trivial, practical and amusing facts about proper behavior, that it is just as important for both mature and young people, the school of hospitality, and both the outward and inward skills of dealing with people.

My Experience
I am a graduate of Hospitality Management Hotelière HF/SHL. My other educational background consists of a business program, a seminar in entrepreneurship PGD, as well as ongoing professional development in the areas of leadership, communication psychology, color and style, education and counseling skills.

My training expertise has been acquired through many years of professional experience as a manager and team leader in the area of gastronomy with internationally renowned companies. As a former audit expert in the hospitality industry, I have a special interest in holistic relationships and possess a sharp eye for details.

In addition to my work as a seminar leader, for many years I was the proprietor of my own fashion boutique. Together with my team of fashion consultants, numerous fashion events were launched featuring a knowledgeable understanding of contemporary fashion and style for our clientele.

My professional networks

- Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), member since 1996 (CIP 2001-2011)
- Member of the Swiss Association of Color, Style and Image Consulting (FSFM)
- Association of Hotel Managers (SHV/VDH)

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