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Business Seminars

Seminars, Lectures, Coaching tailored to your needs

Professional Small Talk and Personal Branding
Develop a winning attitude but remain true to your own personality. Dare to take the lead, shake-hands, initiate successful conversation, handle drinks and hors d’oeuvre, and avoid "social pitfalls" during a business party.

Savoir vivre
Confidently fulfill your role as host during a business lunch, customer or official event with skill, warmth and style. Learn the importance of business interests, dining culture, seating plans, speeches and discussions. Choose the correct wine and food parings, as well as acquire a knowledge of wine tasting protocol. Dining strategies will help you to approach foods that are  hallenging so that you will always eat with confidence.

Wardrobe Communication – Dress Code, Color, Style and Grooming
This daylong, small group seminar covers everything that individuals need to know to ensure that their inner harmony and outward appearance, from head to toe, are combined skillfully and naturally and are always in line with a company’s corporate Identity.

Executive Coaching
Your professional appearance, apart from your business expertise, is of the utmost importance. Your key to success is in developing a winning and confident demeanor while being true to your own nature. My coaching style is discreet, non-threatening and personally tailored to your specific needs.

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